Paws Cares: A Community Partner of Pet Partners  

Pet Partners, the country's largest therapy dog registry has a program for Community Partners, groups of volunteers registered with Pet Partners who serve a specific area.

Paws 'N Effect has established Paws Cares as a Community Partner because our members impact the world through many different visiting opportunities, including several hospitals, hospices, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation facilities, trauma teams, schools, colleges, and reading programs.

We are very proud that many of our members have been at the forefront of bringing teams to new facilities through outreach in their hometowns. We also raise awareness through public service and local charity events.  Our teams currently include dogs, cats, rabbits, mini horses, and guinea pigs, but we are open to all registered species.


Membership requirements:

At this time there is no membership fee.


Membership advantages:

  • Discounted Pet Partner registration fees.

  • Priority access to scholarship funds.

  • Learn about more opportunities for volunteering as soon as they become available.

More information about Pet Partners.