The fastest growing dog sport in the world! This sport is for ALL dogs and people who are looking for a great way to bond and exercise together, both mentally and physically. Everyone starts in Agility Foundation. Dogs must be at least 6 months old and have basic obedience skills. Handler's and dog's skill level must be assessed prior to joining any classes other than Agility Foundation so please call for further information, 203-281-7150. 

Agility Foundation

This class is the starting point for eveyone in agility. You and your dog will start working together as a team and begin to understand the sport of agility and the many skills needed to have fun and be successful.

$150/six classes

Call (203) 281-7150 for start dates!

Handling Basics with Judy Reilly

This class will cover skills needed to handle your dog efficiently on course. A motion based method of handling will be taught. Exercises included in class will be the 6 recall to heel positions and how to properly execute them on course. This is a novice level handling class but also open to advanced level dogs whose handlers need to fine tune their skill. Obstacle issues will not be addressed in this class.

$170/six classes
Wednesday, 4 - 5:30PM
Call (203) 281-7150 for more information

Obstacle Skills with Judy Reilly

This class will focus on the skills needed to perform all obstacles safely, correctly and consistently. Basic handling skills will be addressed as well although more emphasis will be on obstacle performance. Obstacle performance include contacts, weaves, table, jumps and tunnels. This is a novice level class but open to advanced dogs who need to "clean up" their obstacle skills.

$170/six classes
Wednesday, 2:30 - 4PM
Call (203)281-7150 for more information

Integrated Agility Skills with Shari King

The way to the real FUN in agility is to have you and your dog be a successful team! This is done by gaining a good understanding of what goes on between obstacles and to have skilled performance of those obstacles. Our seasoned instructors will help you move through the classes as you and your canine partner gain mastery of the game of agility! 
$150/six classes
Tuesday, 7PM - 8PM & 8PM - 9PM
Thursday, 7PM - 8PM & 8PM - 9PM
Call (203) 281-7150 for start dates!

Agility Handling

Agility Handling classes are offered to teams that have the skills to go on to full course work. Course analysis, furthering your understandig of teamwork and maintaining consistent performance is the focus. Teams must have completed Agility Handling Skills for Dogs & Handlers and at least one Focus on this! session. Dogs must do full height contacts, jump full height, have good start lines and reliable weave pole performance.  To help teams get the most from agiIity handling classes, instructors will evaluate teams for placement in the most appropriate class. For more information call (203) 281-7150. 

with Judy Reilly
Masters Level/Excellent Level Handling
Dogs should be competing in the Masters/Excellent Level or equivalent. Challenging drills and exercises will be executed. Included but not limited to difficult weave entries, pull throughs, threadles, serpentines, back side sends. 

$170/six classes
Wednesday, 1PM - 2:30PM
Call (203) 281-7150 for start dates!

with Terri Cesarek
$150/six classes
Wednesday, 6:30, 7:30 or 8:30PM
Call (203) 281-7150 for start dates!

with Shari King
Novice Competition Handling
$150/six classes
Tuesday & Thursday, 6PM - 7PM
Call (203) 281-7150 for start dates! 

with Soshana Dos
Masters/Excellent Level Handling
$150/six classes
Thursday, 11:30AM - 1PM
Call (203) 281-7150 for start dates! 

Agility Run-Thrus

Practice AGILITY!  A great opportunity for those who are already competing or about to start!

Please note:  agility run thrus are an opportunity for dogs & handlers that are competing in or have started training in agility.  It is the handler’s responsibility to use the opportunity safely and to appropriately participate at your dog’s skill level.  Any unsafe practice will be stopped by the run thru coordinator.

If you and your dog are not currently registered at Paws ‘N Effect you must bring a copy of your dog’s current rabies vaccination certificate.

Agility course run-thrus on Wednesday, 9AM - 11AM
Walk thru begins at 9 AM
$5/run - maximum run time is 2 minutes