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Agility Fun-damentals with Judy Reilly

Workshop I: 9 am – 12:30 pm
This workshop will teach foundation games that do not require any equipment, only a puppy partner, some yummy treats and fun toys. You will learn that these games will carry over to agility skills and everyday activities. The games will teach focus & an understanding of different behaviors AND they are FUN, only take a few minutes and can be done almost anywhere. Finally something to do during those boring TV commercials!! Come learn how much fun and how much your dog can learn without equipment. The workshop is open to young dogs 3 months and older.
Limited to 10 working teams, unlimited auditors. 

Workshop II: 1:30 pm – 5 pm
This workshop will build on the games learned in the first workshop of agility foundation games. It will include release work, impulse control as well as some new games. These games still use very little space but may incorporate small pieces of equipment, but not necessarily agility equipment! Dogs in this workshop must be 6 months or older.  
Limited to 10 working teams, unlimited auditors. 

$100/working team/workshop $195 if you do both workshops
$130 If you wish to do one working and one audit (strongly suggested) 
$35 for auditors/workshop $65 if you audit both workshops

To register, email

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