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Intro to Disc Dog Competition Games

This workshop will introduce you and your canine partner to some of the games that are part of competition in a variety of disc dog venues. We will discuss rules, scoring, and strategy.  Games covered may include:  Skyhoundz games:  Bullseye, Spot Landing, Time Trial, UpDog Challenge games: Frizgility, USDDN: Toss and Fetch.

Prerequisite: completion of Intro to Disc Dog workshop or permission of the instructor.

Limited to 8 working teams; unlimited auditing (auditors will participate in throwing drills)

Your dog does not need to know how to catch an airborne disc in order to attend. There are a variety of techniques to teach your dog to catch, so don't despair! Your dog, however, must have toy drive and be interested in playing with and chasing toys. It is helpful if your dog has a basic retrieve and knows a few tricks to begin to incorporate into a novice freestyle routine. Please prepare a list of tricks/skills that your dog has on cue (including obedience type behaviors like wait, sit, and heel).

Required equipment: crate (and sheet to cover, if needed) or other arrangements, high value training treats, and a minimum of five dog safe competition type discs (please email the instructor for assistance with choosing appropriate discs for your dog at

$160 for day long workshop
To register, please call Paws 'N Effect at 203.281.7150 or email

Ariane M. Bailey, CPDT-KA, is a certified USDDN judge, is qualified as a Skyhoundz head judge, is qualified as an AWI judge, is qualified as a FDDO head judge, and has also judged UpDog Challenge.  Ariane was honored to be asked to judge Super Pro Toss and Fetch on the main field at USDDN World Finals in October of 2015.  Ariane and her Aussie, Skye, received an invitation to USDDN Worlds in 2014 for Super Pro Toss and Fetch.  In 2015, Ariane received an invitation to USDDN Worlds for Super Pro Toss and Fetch with her other Aussie, Jacob; and in October, Ariane, Jacob, and Skye travelled to Georgia and competed in USDDN Nationals and World Finals!  They also compete in Agility, Barn Hunt, and Rally, and cross train in a variety of other sports.