Loose Leash Walking

Are daily walks a bit stressful instead of a relaxing time to bond with your dog? Do you wish you could take your dog more places, but once you start walking, you lose your connection? This series of classes will, perhaps surprisingly, focus on not using the leash so much. Instead, it will focus on teaching your dog where to be and how to stay connected to you, whether he's literally hooked in or not.

This workshop will cover the principles and methods of:

  • encouraging a dog to stay connected around distractions
  • employing a wide variety of rewards and using them effectively
  • responding to situations in which your dog is pulling
  • planning outings to set your team up for success
  • avoiding common problems and pitfalls
  • using the leash as a safety and management tool and not as a way to communicate or punish

Our instructors will also give you clear feedback on what they see as your team's individual strengths and issues so you can take what you've learned and continue to improve on your walks and other outings over time.

Mondays, May 21, June 4, 11, 2018
6 pm - 7 pm

$85 / 3 week session
Prerequisites:  Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Class

Call (203) 281-7150 to register