Bonding and Trust

We all love our dogs deeply, and we all also want to build our dogs' trust in us throughout their whole lives. We want our dogs to understand that we are trustworthy, kind, and always ready to reward them for following our lead. As we build up that bond with our dogs, our connection increases, our dogs' behavior becomes more reliable and prompt, and our dogs become more willing to try new things with us.

This seminar-style workshop series focuses on these major areas:

  • teaching the humans how to observe canine behavior and body language so they can respond to their dogs' feelings and needs effectively
  • helping the humans develop a wide variety of ways to reward their dogs so they can motivate and encourage them effectively
  • teaching the dogs that all humans are reliable, trustworthy, fair, and fun
  • teaching the dogs that they can trust their humans when they're asked to try something new
  • giving the handler-dog team a repertoire of games and exercises that they can play together so the people learn how to be more fun and the dogs learn how to be more consistent

These workshops are ideal for teams looking to take their work to the next level, whether that's in a sport, in therapy dog work, or in terms of getting more coordinated together in the house, the park, or family gatherings.

Mondays, August 6, 13, 20, 2018
7PM - 8PM

$85 / 3 week session
Prerequisites:  Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Class

To register, call Paws 'N Effect at (203) 281-7150 or e-mail