Snarky Dog

with Kathy Shea, CPDT-KA and Brian Tippy, CPDT-KA

This class is for dogs who act inappropriately in public. They may react to people, dogs or distractions in general with behavior like barking, pulling, lunging, and other fearful or overexcited behavior. When a dog is reactive, it can make walks and outings stressful and nerve-wracking for both the dog and the human.

The goal of the Snarky Dog class is to help you better read your dog to prevent the inappropriate behavior, and to teach and encourage your dog to do the right thing. The class will teach you productive, evidence-based methods for responding to inappropriate behavior in public and for reducing it over time so you and your dog can have safer, calmer outings.

This class has two instructors and is limited to four dogs so each team gets personalized feedback and exercises to work on improving behavior and safety.

This class is for reactive dogs but is not appropriate for dogs with a history of aggression toward people or dogs. Please call (203) 281-7150 if you have questions about whether or not this is an appropriate class for your dog.

$245 / 7 week session.

Thursday, 6PM -7PM

Dates to be announced

Call (203) 281-7150 to register